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Trestle Records One Day Band 20 Out Now

"One Day Band 20 features a live collaboration between guitarist and composer Marina Elderton, drummer and electronic musician Nicholas Meredith (AKA Kcin) and violinist, composer Alicia Jane Turner."

As part of the One Day Band sessions musicians are invited to a fully engineered studio to imrovise live and make a record in a day. The participants are either selected by the label or a musician is invited to curate the session themselves. The idea is to facilitate an environment for musicians to meet and collaborate on an improvised endeavour. It's an incredibly collaborative and respectful process where the musicians invited are often playing together and meeting for the first time.

"As you’d expect from this trio ODB 20 is a highly atmospheric, darkly ambient collection. Nicholas’s drumming varies with industrial din and metallic klang above a sure footed driving kick and free-wheeling kinetic energy. FX pedals augment Marina’s guitar and Alicia’s violin, enabling a textural approach that strays into soundscape and filmic suggestions. Foreboding drones fluctuate and distort amidst spectral effected voices, a pitch-shifted seance that haunts throughout the session. It’s the rewarding culmination of three musicians comfortable and attuned in a mutual exploration that complements a shared aesthetic of confident experimentation."


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