Sunset Dreams TV Pilot Completed- Preview Screening

The new sitcom 'Sunset Dreams' recently had its pilot preview screening at the Soho Curzon cinema. The soundtrack features a range of live instruments including harmonium, mandolin, ukulele, guitar, and fiddle, creating the feel of a live folk band accompanying the action. Music composed by Marina Elderton.

Synopsis: Sunset Dreams is a caravan park facing its twilight years - a forgotten seaside resort in deepest England. The characters of Sunset Dreams live their lives on holiday. Our sitcom is a series about what those characters do when reality comes to call.

Inspired by character comedies like Nuts In May, The Royle Family, This Is Spinal Tap and Human Remains, Sunset Dreams will serve up hearty British comedy alongside summer holiday nostalgia. And chips. With lots of vinegar.

Dir. Chris Wickett, Prod. Tremendous Pictures

Music: Marina Elderton

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