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Songwriting Magazine Feature "8 Tips on writing soundtracks"

Marina shared 8 tips with Songwriting Magazine as a guide for any musicians interested in getting into writing soundtracks.


Marina Elderton is an example of the ‘ambidextrous’ artist. An award-winning composer who recently worked on the soundtrack for Poly Styrene: I Am A Cliché and has written scores and soundtracks for BBC, Sky Arts, BFI and Film4 projects, she also writes, records and performs as ELDR. Taking inspiration from artists like Björk and PJ Harvey, her sound – as heard on new EP Höly Stranger – is both deeply immersive and charmingly unnerving.

"It increasingly feels like the modern songwriter has to be as versatile as they are talented. With live shows one positive test from cancellation and streaming revenue not enough to sustain the majority of acts, it’s important to find new ways to diversify your talent and new places for your songs to be heard. One potential avenue is the world of film and television. Whether it’s getting a sync deal for your existing material or composing music specifically for a show or movie, opportunities are out there.

Here, Elderton shares insight that will help anyone looking to write for film and television… "


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