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WONDERLAND MAGAZINE premiers new single & video "Friends"

Thank you to Wonderland Magazine for premiering the latest single and video "Friends", from Marina's artist project ELDR. Write up below:

"One way that is guaranteed to pull you through the drag of hump-day is to escape to the spiritual universe of emerging artist and award-winning composer, ELDR. As though she already knew, ELDR has dropped a powerful new music video this morning to accompany her new single, “Friends” — hacked from her highly sought after upcoming EP, “HÖLY STRANGER”. Widely known for her raw and unapologetic approach to tune crafting, the new single proves no exception, with an infectious energy that evokes both an unsettling of the mind as well triumphant self-empowerment. The music video, shot by Miles Ridgway and directed by Philip James McGoldrick, showcases the singer dressed in white surrounded by an almost supernatural darkness. The guitar distortion featured in the track reverberates as flashing images of unidentified figures and dancers move together in a disjointed harmony. Rich in powerful imagery and gritty edge, the video breathes a new range of dystopian levity into ELDR’s work.
Speaking about the meanings which inspired the video, ELDR explains, “The ‘FRIENDS’ music video is a dystopian sci-fi meets spiritual orgy! It explores a yearning for intimacy and the sanitised detachment from our own humanity caused by recent things like social distancing. The main characters begin trapped in themselves, masked and dressed in hazmat suits. My character is intended to be a kind of ‘alien swan’ who activates them with music, inviting them to become more feral and free.”
With “Friends” offering just a taste of ELDR’s ongoing project to become the most honest and untethered version of herself, the music video will be available on loop to keep your mind’s eye occupied before her EP release.
Head below to watch ELDR’s brand new music video for EP single, “Friends”…


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