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Latest single "Deer Skin" released to critical acclaim

Marina's artist project ELDR recently released a critically acclaimed new single "Deer Skin", alongside a video directed by Philip James McGoldrick and shot by DP Luciana Riso.

Some recent press highlights:

AFX Radio London- ON Rotation-"'Deer Skin' is a stunning return for ELDR, showcasing her undeniable talent and reaffirming her status as one of the most exciting artists in the alternative pop scene. With its lush production, haunting vocals, and poignant lyrics, the single is sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners and further solidify ELDR's place in music history."

We Write About Music- "ELDR delivers a captivating auditory journey that transcends boundaries and leaves an indelible mark on the listener's soul... "Deer Skin" is more than just a single—it is a cinematic masterpiece that showcases ELDR's boundless creativity and artistic vision."

Earmilk "ELDR's new song "Deer Skin" is a fascinating fusion of ambient, folk and electronic elements that creates an utterly unique listening experience... Ultimately "Deer Skin" reestablishes ELDR as an innovative musician pushing boundaries between genres. This transportive, introspective and boundary-pushing track cements ELDR as a unique creative force in music right now."

Lock Mag a formidable artist …she returns with one of her most alluring releases yet.”

Broken 8 Records A haunting release that lingers with you for days at a time... With 'Deer Skin', ELDR confirms her status as an artist to watch, offering listeners a compelling blend of sonic artistry and unflinchingly personal storytelling. The video is an unflinching, powerful work of art."

Mesmerized "a masterpiece, not just on a sonic level, but also on a lyrical one... making for a listening experience that’s cathartic, luscious and immensely striking."

Mystic Sons "With her spellbinding vocal performance layered across a shimmering yet atmospheric production from start to finish, she breaks her silence with one of her most enthralling efforts to date."

Lost In The Manor "Her raw, distinctive voice dons each melody with impressive elegance and precision, while asserting a bold, powerful attitude. ...  ‘Deer Skin’ is a soul-stirring sublime release... ELDR masterfully blends genres—electronica, folk, pop, and alternative music—in ‘Deer Skin’ in a way that feels rich and seamless. The song reflects ELDR’s musical brilliance, creative expanse, and emotional depth. 

Beech House Magazine"A mesmerising experience... ELDR captures the emotional intensity of a coercive relationship with haunting precision... A profound artistic statement you won't forget". 

Right Chord Music- "Deer Skin is a bold musical statement, stunningly beautiful and darkly captivating... that promises to spark significant conversation." 

Songlens- "With Deer Skin, ELDR continues to cement herself as a compelling force in the indie space... The video remains a very powerful snapshot of historical injustices and racial violence."


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